Find out what classes are happening at the Iechyd Da gym

[class times last updated: 9th March 2020]


9.30am - Stretch Pilates
A relaxing start to the week, loosen up those joints and strengthen that core! Perfect for beginners or if you're looking to start the week gentlyStrengthen, tone and stretch the body from the inside out.

12.30pm - Circuits

5.30pm - Metabolic Blitz

6.00pm - Metabolic Blast
30 mins of high intensity work, rest when you NEED to, and work those socks off the rest of the time.

6.30pm - Metabolic Effect
A body weight training class working at high intensity intervals. It's a short sharp session, the harder you work the more you get out of it-suitable for all levels simply because you work for as long as you can, and rest when you need to!

7.45pm - Hatha Yoga
Learn how to work on your weaknesses, understand your body and help it to work more efficiently. The Mrs says its a FAB class! So it must be good!



5.30pm - Stretchy Yoga

6.30pm - Fitness Pilates
A slightly faster paced class that improves suppleness, strength, posture etc. Suitable for all, but be ready to be challenged!


5.30pm - Insanity

Bonkers! The most heart pumping, muscle shredding, sweat dripping and high intensity full body workout!

6.00pm - Mat Pilates

Humpday-yay! We're heading for the weekend and this chilled stretching and core focused class will set us up for the rest of the week!

8.00pm - Circuits
I dont really know what happens here and I (Mered) teach the class! Lots of variety from week to week, the plan is for you to have a great workout that's varied, challenging and boosts that metabolism! And, be home to watch the Apprentice!!


Thursday night is a double offering of metabolic effect- flat out as hard as you can please.

6.00pm - Metabolic Effect

A body weight training class, working at high intensity intervals. Aim is to increase metabolism by firing major muscle groups in action, short, sharp, session. With Cadi.

6.30pm - Metabolic Blitz



6.45am - Early Morning Bootcamp
An early morning blitz for the body

9.30am - Stretch Pilates
Nearly there, lots of smiling faces in this class for a fab Friday stretch! You'll find your six pack here! I cant promise you'll see it, but you'll definitely get it firing!


9.30am - Circuits
A varied workout- lots of happy people who give up their saturday morning lie ins with other like minded nutters! A sweaty giggle from first to last- cracking start to the weekend!


7.00pm - Mat Pilates

No need to dread sunday nights anymore, flat belly, strong back, flexibility, focus and an enviable posture are what you get from this class!

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