croeso y iechyd da gym, canton, Cardiff

What a lovely summer that was, parklife, beachlife, days with family and friends- the gyms been busy too!

August is normally a quiet time for gyms, everybody hits the beaches of Wales, the West country or further afield. It’s our time to make little changes-last year it was the Loft studio….

This year it’s our little coffee and juice cwtch. Rob and his able lieutenant Colin have given us an area to chill and slowly put the world to rights!

juice cwtch

Most importantly over the past few months PT’s are springing up everywhere. We’re seeing a lot more of Becky these days (yay!) and Steff whose only been here a few months but has already introduced his own class (Metabolic blast 5.45pm Monday) and sprinkling his knowledge and crazy ideas (backwards block runs!!) here there and everywhere.


img_1971Jez, Cadi, Jo, and Helen-Marie continue to give fab classes, innovative, friendly and challenging, i’m very lucky to have a great team here at iechyd Da. Dont forget Dessi! How can i forget Miss Zumba 2016! This girl lives for dancing and her enthusiasm is infectious, she even had to deal with me in her classes … don’t miss out on her classes Tuesday 530pm and Thursday 8pm. Eleri has also sprung up to stretch and chill us out in Yoga on mondays at 7.45pm- very good she is too!


There have been a couple of changes to the timetable, we’re up to 17 classes a week now, not too shabby for a little independent gym! Please keep attending the classes and don’t be afraid to ask any of the gang for advice, its great to see so many of you lifting, squatting, pulling, pushing and swinging the weights around.

It really isn’t rocket science.

  1. Learn the movement
  2. Repeat
  3. Rest
  4. Repeat
  5. Rest
  6. Now add a little more!
  7. Repeat


Obviously, the most important here is no.1.

Good form is essential, so ask any of these fab PT’s for a complimentary introduction to Personal Training.

Now it’s not all sweat and puffing and panting here. We party too!

Drinks nibbles and banter!!

Saturday October 8th was a gym night out loads of fun and giggles thanks to you all for rocking up and helping us celebrate our 11th birthday!

Date for the diary…..

Saturday December 17th the 5th annual iechyd da superstars!! (unconfirmed date)
Jo Pryce and Stifyn Parri have won the prize twice each – we desperately need a new name on the trophy……… Could it be you? Cheeky curry afterwards too!

Thanks you all for helping iechyd da to be a happy healthy little cwtch,

Diolch i bawb,


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