What do we have on offer?

Find out a bit more about our facilities

A free weight area

Here you can Dead Lift, Olympic Lift, Squat etc We also have medicine balls to Wall ball, a Plyo box to step or jump on! Kettlebells to swing and a concept 2 to Row till yer lungs burst!! ……almost!

Our bars … not that kind of bar!

Bodyweight challenges! Can you Dip, pull up? Maybe if it’s a struggle you could use an assistance band to help get the job done. Suspension training is a great way of working the whole body from your ‘core’ to the tips of your toes! Anyway, there is a level that will suit everyone from the olympic hopeful to the complete novice. We can show you how to master these skills- it’s a great way of measuring improvement!

Our Cardio Room

Our Cardio room includes 2 Johnson Treamills, 2 Matrix treadmills, 2 Johnson cross Trainers, 2 Matrix cross trainers, 4 spin bikes a step machine and a very funky ‘skiers edge’ machine – who would’ve thought you can ski all year round in Canton!

Weight Training

We predominately see free weights as the way to go, but some muscles just feel great when challenged on a fixed machine.
Lat pull down/ seated row, assisted dip machine, leg press, leg curl/leg extention and incline Press/ shoulder Press- check!

We also have a Smith machine to push your Presses to the limit when you’re training solo without a spotter.

We have a power rack as a starting area for those free weight squats etc. Dumbbells from 1kg up to 30kg can be used with the 2 benches and 1 adjustable bench that we have for you.

The first machine we bought was the Free Motion Cable Cross- now this machine can do everything except the washing up!!

The Loft Studio

All of our classes are based here, and why not, we’re very proud of our little New York style studio. Perfect for Pilates and Yoga, a scented candle here and there our sanded wooden floor and windows looking out at the world sets the scene perfectly.

There is plenty of space so that our circuit classes have plenty of variety to them. We might be doing shuttle runs, tyre flips, battle ropes medicine ball throws as well as the usual press ups and planks.

Our Metabolic Effect classes and insanity are also in the studio on a monday and Thursday evening and as the gym grows so will our classes, maybe spin classes Tai-chi? You name it?


Male/female changing rooms. howers and changing areas available.