Mered Pryce
Head Honcho & Personal Trainer

Mered conceived and opened the doors to Iechyd Da Gym ten years ago. His aim today is the same as it ever was, to make the gym accessible to everyone and to create a community atmosphere around exercise and the gym. Having always been involved with fitness at some level, from professional rugby (Cardiff / Penzance), PE Teaching through to massage therapy, this fitness journey cumulated with Mered becoming a qualified personal trainer in 2002 (in Sydney of all places).

tel. 07969 275713

HelenMarie Wilson

HelenMarie Wilson
Personal Trainer

Qualified personal trainer specialising in: fitness, strength and pilates. I am here to support you on your journey to establishing a positive relationship to your body and health that can be built upon for the rest of your life.

tel. 07854 435853

Becky Adams
Personal Trainer

I am a mum of 2 passionate about the transformational power of exercise.  I provide personal training and coaching, specialising in weight loss, pre and post natal, motivation, confidence and stress.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, regain strength after an injury or pregnancy, or just to feel better and boost your energy; I am here to support you and help you gain confidence on that journey.

tel. 07876 272298

Cadi Fôn
Personal Trainer

Hyfforddwr Personol / Sesiynau Ffitrwydd / Bwtcamps / Cyngor Ar Fwyta Yn Iach / Personal Trainer / Fitness Classes / Bootcamps / Nutrition Advice

tel. 07747 840952

Cerith Glyn Evans
Personal Trainer

tel. 07581233403

I take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Whether you want to improve physical health through increasing muscle mass & strength, losing body fat & improving cardiovascular fitness, or/and improve your mindset towards different areas of your life – I’ve got you covered!

One thing I pride myself with CE Health Personal Coaching is a focus on an improved lifestyle. Not only improving physically but also mentally, to ensure a sustainable approach towards a healthier lifestyle.

We ensure that all prescribed exercises suit your body, as every individual is different, for example, limb length, height, weight, mass, strengths and weaknesses. We make exercise suit you, rather than make you suit exercise.

As a part of my personal coaching service, I can advise on the best research-based nutrition strategies that focus on improved health, body composition and performance.

Visit my website for more information on how I can help you achieve your goals.

I look forward to hear from you

– Cerith

Faye chamberlain personal trainer

Faye Chamberlain
Personal Trainer

tel. 07855 945619

Being a late-comer to fitness herself, Faye is a firm believer in providing exercise that’s fun, functional and for everyone; for all ages, for all bodies, for life.


Jo Cameron
Personal Trainer

tel. 07876 272298

Originally from New Zealand, I started my journey working in fitness and health in 2000.

My work at the gym is a blend of the trainings I have received over the years in pilates, yoga, training, functional movement, correctional exercise and postural restoration. Expect the unexpected!

I love my work and divide my time between teaching pilates, yoga, personal training, massaging and reflexing feet and often a combo of more than one!

I’m very passionate about what I teach and practice what I preach daily in some form or other. I believe in the work I do, the fusion of disciplines and how they enhance each other providing a well rounded and balanced approach to strength, mobility, flexibility and functional movement with or without limitation.

When I’m not working I love cycling, skiing, climbing, watching rugby, travelling and food!


Jez Personal Trainer

tel. 07891 309450

Steff Lloyd - personal trainer Cardiff

Steff Lloyd Personal Trainer

  • Personal Trainer
  • Crossfit/Calisthenics/Gymnastics
  • Nutritional Adviser


Fitness Instructor


Jo Pryce
Personal Trainer

tel. 07894 759095